Ophthalmological examination in Lublin

Ophthalmic examination

What is an eye examination?

An eye examination is one of the basic procedures that can be carried out in an optician's shop. It is particularly important because it allows early detection of eye diseases that can affect the quality of vision. An ophthalmic examination can involve many different procedures, but some of the most important are slit-lamp examination and tonometry. A slit-lamp examination involves viewing the patient's eye through a special device - a slit-lamp. This examination allows the doctor to closely examine the individual structures of the eye, such as the cornea, pupil, lens and retina. This examination allows the detection of various diseases, such as glaucoma, cataracts or macular disease, for example. Tonometry, on the other hand, measures the pressure inside the eyeball. This is a very important test because increased pressure can indicate the presence of an eye disease such as glaucoma. This is a disease that, if not diagnosed and treated in time, can lead to loss of vision. It is worth remembering that an eye examination should be carried out regularly, at least once a year. This is particularly important for people who work in demanding conditions, such as drivers or those who work on a computer. People with visual impairments such as nearsightedness or farsightedness should also have regular check-ups. At the optician's shop, the eye examination is carried out by qualified staff using specialised instruments. In addition, various tests can be used to determine the ability to see in different conditions, such as a contrast test or a visual field test.

Why is an eye examination performed?

Following an ophthalmic examination, a member of staff at the optician's practice can suggest appropriate solutions, such as glasses or contact lenses, to help improve the quality of vision. For more complicated conditions, the patient may be referred to a specialist. In conclusion, an eye examination is a very important test to detect eye diseases early and improve the quality of vision. At the optician's salon, the examination is carried out by qualified staff, which allows the appropriate solutions, such as glasses or contact lenses, to be selected.

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