Eye examination in Lublin

Eye examination

What does an eye test involve?

Visual acuity testing is one of the most important procedures to assess the ability to see under different conditions. It is therefore one of the basic examinations that can be carried out in an optician's shop. During the visual acuity test, special boards are used on which letters, numbers or symbols of different sizes are placed. The patient has to read them from a distance determined by the examiner, and the result allows the degree of visual impairment to be determined. The visual defect that is most commonly diagnosed is myopia. It consists of the patient seeing objects well up close, but poorly at a distance. The second defect is farsightedness, which manifests itself in the opposite way - seeing well at far, but poorly up close. There are also other visual defects such as astigmatism or presbyopia, but a visual acuity test can detect these quickly and effectively. It is worth remembering that a visual acuity test should be carried out regularly, at least once a year. This is particularly important for people who work in demanding conditions, such as drivers or people who work at a computer. At the optician's shop, the visual acuity test is carried out by qualified staff using specialised tools. In addition, various tests can be used to determine the ability to see in different conditions, such as a contrast test or a visual field test.

How can a visual acuity test help?

Following a visual acuity test, a member of staff at the optician's practice can suggest appropriate solutions, such as glasses or contact lenses, to help improve the quality of vision. For more complicated visual impairments, the patient may be referred to a specialist. In conclusion, a visual acuity test is a very important examination that allows the detection and early treatment of many visual defects. At the optician's salon, the examination is carried out by qualified staff, which allows for the selection of appropriate solutions, such as glasses or contact lenses, to help improve the quality of vision.

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