Contact lens selection in Lublin

Contact lens selection

What is a contact examination (contact lens fitting)?

The contact lens examination is a basic examination for people who wish to wear contact lenses. It involves assessing the parameters of the eyeball, such as the curvature of the cornea, its thickness, as well as evaluating the tear fluid. The examination allows for the selection of the appropriate contact lens that will be most suitable for the patient.

What can we see when selecting contact lenses?

During the contact lens fitting procedure, the patient is examined by an experienced eye care professional who carefully assesses the condition of their eyes and carries out the contact lens fitting. During the examination, the front of the eye - eyelids, cornea, conjunctiva, iris and pupil - is carefully viewed and the quality of the tear film is assessed. If the examination shows that the eyes are in good condition, then we move on to contact lens selection. The examination may show that contact lenses are not suitable for the individual, for example because of so-called dry eye or corneal geometry. It is important that contact lens examinations are carried out regularly, especially when you first decide to wear contact lenses or if you have any problems with contact lenses. The selection of contact lenses is essential for our health and avoids possible complications such as infections or inflammation of the eye.

In our optical salon, we offer professional contactological examinations, carried out by experienced specialists. We focus on the high quality of our services and the safety of our customers, so we make every effort to ensure that every patient receives the best care. We invite you to visit our optical salon and make use of our services.

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