How do you keep your glasses perfectly clean?

How do you keep your glasses perfectly clean?

Eyeglasses are not only a corrective tool, but also an important part of everyday life. Therefore, taking care of them should become a priority for us. In today's article, we will present 10 ways to properly care for your glasses to keep them perfectly clean and in good working order for a long time.

Why take care of your glasses?

1. Lifespan of glasses
Taking care of your glasses can prolong their life, which translates into financial savings by avoiding unnecessary replacements.

2. Visual clarity
Proper care keeps glasses clean, eliminating dirt and smudges that can impede vision.

3. Protection against damage
By taking care of your glasses, you protect them from scratches, breakage and other damage, ensuring they remain functional for longer.

Proper eyewear care not only saves us money, but also allows us to get the most out of our glasses and avoid costly replacements in the future.

What do I clean my glasses with?

Use a soft cloth to clean your glasses. Dip it in warm water (not boiling water) and add a mild soap or detergent if necessary. Then rinse the glasses with lukewarm water and dry with a microfibre cloth. Avoid paper towels or tissue paper, which can scratch the lenses.

Cleaning eyeglasses with anti-reflective lenses

Use a special solution designed for cleaning anti-reflective glasses. Spray on a microfibre cloth, not on the lenses, to protect the anti-reflective coating.

10 tips for cleaning glasses properly

1. Use lukewarm water
Hot water can harm the plastic parts in the frames.

2. Avoid ammonia and alcohol
Choose gentle detergents.

3. Rub gently
Avoid scratches when cleaning.

4. Rinse with lukewarm water
Make sure no soap remains.

5. Dry with a soft microfibre cloth
Avoid paper towels, which can scratch the lenses.

6. Wipe the frame and nosepieces
After cleaning, gently wipe down the rest of the glasses.

7. Avoid abrasive materials
Do not use paper towels or kitchen sponges.

8. Don't put your glasses face down
Avoid scratching the lenses.

9. Avoid household cleaners
Do not use window cleaning fluids.

10. Store in case
Protects glasses from scratches and damage.

Which eyeglass cleaner to choose?

When choosing an eyeglass cleaner, pay attention to the type of lenses and the level of dirt. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive ingredients.

What to avoid when cleaning glasses?

Avoid using products with ammonia, alcohol or paper towels. Do not attempt to clean your glasses with saliva, and always store them in a case to avoid scratches.

It is important to understand that looking after your glasses is not just a matter of aesthetics, but also a matter of functionality and eye health. Let's remember these simple rules that will help us enjoy clear vision for many years to come. If you are in need of eyewear care accessories, visit an optician's salon where specialists can help you select the right products for your needs.

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